Filtering Enrollments

Using filters can help sort through a long list of enrollments. If there is a green circle with a checkmark xsmall_check.png next to the filter title that means there are active filters in that section.


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Action Description
Clear All Filters Erases all the filters currently checked
Course's School Lists all the Schools in the district
Teacher Lists the educators assigned to courses the user has access to
Groups Lists all the educator-created user groups
Subject Lists the subjects of the enrollments
Series Lists the versions of the enrollments
Student Grade Level Lists the grade level of the student associated with the enrollment
Progress Current percentage of the course a student has completed

Current status of the student based on the progress made in the course compared to where the student should be


Current grade in the course. Can filter by overall, relative, or actual grade

Special Populations

Students with an Individualized Education Plan or are English Language Learners

Active Time

Filters the students with current active hours based on the stated amount

Start/Target Date Problems

Filters students with either no start date, no target date, the dates are the same, or the target date is before the start date

Date Enrolled

Find students who were enrolled in a course on or before a date or on or after a date

Start/Target Date

Students who have a start and/or target dates on and either after or before a date

Gradebook Entry

Set a date range of a students first and/or last time a score was placed in the gradebook

Assignment Status

Use these to determine if there are any ungraded or unsubmitted activities remaining for a student


These filters are used to determine the status of the course. It is important to ensure the students are using the most current version of the course.