Authorizing Advanced Placement courses with the College Board


Beginning June 30, 2024, AP French and AP Spanish will no longer be available in Imagine Edgenuity. These courses are Unsupported as of April 1. On June 30, however, they will be removed altogether from the system; they will not continue to exist in an Unsupported status. 

Review the FAQ in the Advanced Placement courses article for more information. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your Imagine Learning Account Executive.

The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Course Audit ensures that AP courses are rigorous and prepare students for college-level instruction. The process is designed to confirm teacher awareness of course scope and occasional exam changes, and to ensure that practice exams and other resources are only accessible to teachers verified by a school administrator. Completion of the AP Course Audit provides access to teaching resources, including practice exams and an online community of AP teachers.

For more information about Course Audit functions, reference the AP Course Audit User Guide.

The audit process requires action by:

AP Audit process — District or school AP Audit Account Administrator

Schools using Imagine Learning’s AP courses need to annually renew their authorization with the College Board at the AP Audit Site. It is recommended that it is renewed by October 15. 

  1. The AP Audit Account Administrator initiates the process in the AP Audit site at
  2. Log in using the College Board account's username and password.
  3. Navigate to the Add Online or Distance Learning Course page.
  4. Under Select an AP Online Provider, select Edgenuity.
  5. Select the authorized courses your school offers. 
  6. Once the online courses are added, select a reason why they have chosen to offer the course with an online provider. Then click Submit.
  7. After Imagine Learning approves the course audit, the AP courses will be included on the school's other authorized courses in the AP course ledger.
  8. The AP Audit Account Administrator must then request that the district or school's AP educators complete the audit process for their school or district. When educators submit course documents, they must:

AP Audit process — Educators

Educators must complete the following steps:

  1. Educators initiate their portion of the process in the AP Audit site at
  2. Log in using College Board account information.
  3. If you are new to the AP audit or have changed schools, continue to the Adding or removing schools subsection below. If not, continue to the Adding a new course subsection.

Adding or removing schools

If you are new to the AP Audit or have changed schools, access the My Tools and Services page and locate the AP/PreAP Course Audit section.

  1. Under Manage Access, click Edit to update your role or organization. This tab can be used to add or remove schools to update the audit enrollment.
  2. To add a new school, from the Job Function drop-down menu, select Teacher. In the Professional Organization box, enter your school's name. Then, click Add. The school will now display on the Your Access chart.
  3. Continue to the Adding a new course subsection below.

Adding a new course

  1. Review the top-right corner of the home screen and make sure the correct academic year is selected.
  2. Click Add course and select a course from the drop-down menu that displays.
  3. After the courses are added, click Complete Course Audit Form, read the attestations, and check the I Agree boxes.
  4. Click Select Textbook and enter the course textbook information. Textbook information is located in the course syllabus.
  5. Click Submit Course Document.
  6. Select Claim Identical to a Syllabus.
  7. Locate the course authorization code and unbranded syllabus below.
  8. In the Syllabus Number box, type the course code.
  9. Upload the unbranded syllabus as a PDF.
  10. Click Select Syllabus Now.

 What happens next?

The school or district AP Audit Account Administrator approves the course audit. 

Imagine Learning Courses 2024-2025 AP Authorization Codes

Courses Syllabus Authorization Numbers
Biology 3655481v1
Calculus AB 3655480v1
Computer Science Principles 3655478v1
English Language and Composition 3655472v1
English Literature and Composition 3655473v1
Environmental Science 3655482v1
Human Geography 3684723v1
Psychology 3677725v1
Statistics 3684726v1
U.S. Government and Politics 3683947v1
United States History 3679056v1
World History: Modern 3655476v1

Unbranded Syllabi

When claiming identical syllabus for the Teacher Course Audit, use these unbranded syllabi, as the formatting required by the College Board is different from the way the syllabus may appear in the Course Documents.

Courses Unbranded Syllabus
Biology Document
Calculus AB Document
Computer Science Principles Document
English Language and Composition Document
English Literature and Composition Document
Environmental Science Document
French Language and Culture Document
Human Geography Document
Psychology Document
Spanish Language and Culture Document
Statistics Document
U.S. Government and Politics Document
United States History Document
World History: Modern Document