Advanced Placement Authorization with the College Board

Schools using Imagine Learning’s AP courses need to annually renew their authorization with the College Board at the AP Audit Site. It is recommended that it is renewed by October 15. 

  1. Contact your AP Audit Account Administrator.
  2. Go to the AP Audit site at
  3. Log in using the username and password assigned by the AP Audit.
  4. Navigate to the “Add Online or Distance Learning Course” page.
  5. Select “Edgenuity” as the provider.
  6. Select the authorized courses your school offers. These AP courses will then be included with your school’s other authorized courses in the AP course ledger.
  7. AP administrator should request District/school AP educators to complete the course audit process for their school/district.  When educators submit course documents, they should select the “claim identical syllabus” option, and use the authorization codes and unbranded syllabus listed below.

Imagine Learning Courses 2022-2023 AP Authorization Codes

Courses Syllabus Authorization Numbers
Biology  3105950v1 
Calculus AB 3103939v4 
Computer Science Principles 3129482v1
English Language and Composition 3105946v1
English Literature and Composition 3105947v1
Environmental Science 3096981v1
French Language and Culture 3105948v1
Human Geography 3097689v2
Psychology 3097690v1
Spanish Language and Culture 3105949v1
Statistics 3129483v1
U.S. Government and Politics 3105951v1
United States History 3105952v1
World History: Modern 3105953v1


2022-2023 Unbranded Syllabi

When claiming identical syllabus for the Teacher Course Audit, use these 2022-2023 unbranded syllabi, as the formatting required by the College Board is different from the way the syllabus may appear in the Course Documents.

Courses Unbranded Syllabus
Biology Document
Calculus AB Document
Computer Science Principles Document
English Language and Composition Document
English Literature and Composition Document
Environmental Science Document
French Language and Culture Document
Human Geography Document
Psychology Document
Spanish Language and Culture Document
Statistics Document
U.S. Government and Politics Document
United States History Document
World History: Modern Document