Homepage Drop-Down Tabs

Each of the tabs has drop-down menus pertaining to the title of the tab. For example, anything under the Students tab is pertaining to the students. The tabs may vary by the user depending on the permissions and products purchased. 


Tab Description Common Actions
Dashboard Access the Dashboard directly from the main menu header.
Students Find content related to adding a new student, managing existing students, creating user groups. 
Courses View course structures, manage enrollments, the gradebook, and also explore state standards alignments.
More - Communication  Unlimited access to Imagine Edgenuity’s self-contained email, set up and monitor classroom discussions within the Collaboration Corner – Imagine Edgenuity’s built-in, online discussion board.
More - Reports From this tab, view and export data showing student progress, achievement, and engagement. 
More - Administration District and School administrators can create and manage additional educator accounts, permissions, and a variety of additional account settings.