Drivers Education

Imagine Edgenuity offers an approved online Drivers Education course through Aceable and This is a state-approved course that is available anytime and on any device. The course contains media-rich lessons, interactive activities and 3-D case studies, as well as quizzes and practice tests. Students receive a free certification of completion as well as unlimited practice permit tests.

The course covers the "rules of the road" portion of Drivers Ed courses; it does not include any practical driving lessons. It is a substitute for a Drivers Ed textbook, not a substitute for a Drivers Ed program. Students should consult regulations of their specific state to see if they need to complete time behind the wheel in addition to the online lessons to obtain a permit or license. 

Frequently asked questions

What states do you offer a Drivers Education course in?

Imagine Edgenuity offers drivers education in the following states:

  • Arizona (in partnership with
  • California (in partnership with
  • Colorado (in partnership with
  • Florida (via Instructional Services)
  • Georgia (in partnership with
  • Idaho (in partnership with
  • Illinois (within the Edgenuity platform)


    Illinois schools can use our Drivers Ed course as part of their Drivers Ed program. They must still have an ISBE certified instructor (with a secondary certificate as well as the Safety and Driver Education endorsement) who works with the students to complete all the requirements in person.

  • Indiana (in partnership with
  • Nevada (in partnership with
  • Ohio (in partnership with
  • Oklahoma (in partnership with
  • Pennsylvania (in partnership with
  • Wisconsin (in partnership with
How do I use a code?
  1. Access
  2. On the home page, select the following:
    • Select Your State: Select your state from the list.
    • Select a Product: Select Driver's Ed for Teens 14–17 from the list.
  3. Click Lets Go.
  4. Follow the directions on the pages that follow. When given the opportunity to Claim Discount, enter the code you received via email.
Are there demo accounts available to preview the courses?

Yes! These demo accounts are for preview purposes only. Log in using the information below. Valid certificates will not be created. 

State Link to sign in Username Password
Arizona passthetest123
California passthetest123
Colorado passthetest123
Georgia passthetest123
Idaho passthetest123
Indiana passthetest123
Nevada passthetest123
Ohio passthetest123
Oklahoma passthetest123
Pennsylvania passthetest123
Wisconsin passthetest123

*Florida and Illinois customers should reach out to their Account Executives to view a demo.

How long can a student expect to spend in the course for each state?
  • Arizona- 15 hours
  • California- 32 hours
  • Colorado- 30 hours
  • Georgia- 30 hours
  • Idaho- 30 hours
  • Illinois- 30 hours of instruction plus assessments (meets the minimum clock hours of classroom instruction requirement in Illinois)
  • Indiana- 30 hours
  • Nevada- 30 hours
  • Ohio- 24 hours
  • Oklahoma- 30 hours
  • Pennsylvania- 30 hours
  • Wisconsin- 30 hours
How do students check their certificate delivery status, order a duplicate certificate, or change the delivery method of their certificate?

Reference the Certificate FAQs page of the site.

Overview has over 20 years' experience and are expected to serve over two million drivers in 2019 across all their owned brands. They are the leader of online drivers education for students aging 14-17 years. They are certified by the Driving School of America.

The courses are not in Imagine Edgenuity's system so there is no teacher component or reporting features available. Students use the code they are given to log in and then complete the course. At the end of the course the certificate is provided to students. 

Imagine Edgenuity also provides drivers education in the states of Florida and Illinois. These offerings are not provided through

  • In Florida, the course is only available using Instructional Services. In Florida, the certificate of completion is sent directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Students are enrolled via their Social Security Number so that is what the DMV will look up for the student.
  • In Illinois, Imagine Learning does not provide certificates. Schools should follow processes outlined by the state to ensure students can earn and receive certificates for their Drivers Ed programs.