Managing User Groups


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User groups allow educators to organize student accounts, making it easier to manage the student roster in various places. All educators can create and manage their own user groups in ways that make sense for them. User groups are only seen by the educator that created them, and therefore, cannot be shared with other educatorsEducators can use user groups to filter data and take action on smaller groups of students. Students can belong to many user groups. 

User groups can be used for many things such as assigning a course to a large number of students at one time, running reports, filtering the dashboard, and for filtering the Lesson Mastery Report. 

Accessing User Groups

Under the Students tab, select Manage User Groups.

Features of User Groups

The following are the features of the User Groups tab:


Item Description
Tabbed Navigation Locate user group information on the User Groups tab.
Add New Group 

Click Add New Group to add a new user group.



View User Group information in the ID, Name, Description, and Created Date columns.
Description Field Use the Description field to identify specific groups that you create.
Action Column Use the buttons in the Action column to edit or remove groups.

User Permissions

Managing user groups requires no special permissions. Any educator account can create as many user groups as desired to monitor and manage students. Other features, like enrolling a user group in a course, require additional permissions.

User Group Actions

There are several available actions for user groups.

Adding Students in a Course to a User Group Adding Students to a User Group Creating a User Group Deleting a User Group
Editing A User Group Name and Description Removing a Student from a User Group Removing An Archived Student From a User Group Removing Multiple Students From a User Group