Dashboard - Student Filters

Student filters enable the educator to narrow the list of students by enrollment status, grade level, session status, and/or progress. 


  1. Student Status
    • All: All students on both the Active and Archived Student lists.
    • Enabled: Recommended.
    • Disabled: Student accounts that have been archived.
  2. Grade Level
    • Grades 4-12
    • None- use this filter when students do not have a grade level. Consider assigning one so the reports are accurate.
  3. Session Status
    • All: All students, whether or not they are currently logged into the Student Portal.
    • Online: Only students currently logged into the Student Portal.
    • Offline: Only students who are not currently logged into the Student Portal.
  4. Progress
    • All: The default and recommended filter to start with on the Dashboard.
    • Behind: Students who are more than 3% behind in their course as compared to the progress completion percentage.
    • On Target: Students who are on track to complete their coursework on time based on the start and target dates.
    • Ahead: Students who are ahead of their target completion percentage by more than 3%.