Dashboard - Course Filters

Course filters enable narrowing your list of students by a specific subject and/or course. 


  1. Subject:
    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Electives
  2. Series:
    • All (Suggested)
    • VT (Virtual Tutor)
    • Novels
    • ILP (Edgenuity MyPath® Individualized Learning Paths; this is only available if MyPath has been purchased)
    • AP® (Advanced Placement®; previously the 5000 series)
    • Dual Credit (Powered by Sophia®)
    • World Language (Powered by Middlebury Interactive)
    • Common Core
    • 3000
    • 2000
    • 1000
  3. Courses:
    • Lists all courses available at your school.
               Note: Does not display courses that have never had student enrollment.
    • You may select a specific course in order to compare the progress of students working in that individual course.
    • Using the Subject filter also filters the courses in this drop-down list, making it easier to find specific courses.
  4. Course Status:
    • Active (Suggested)
    • Disabled
    • Completed