Complete Percentage Count vs Complete Percentage Time

Complete % by Count is a basic calculation of the number of assignments completed, divided by the total number of assignments in the course. So if the student does 70/100 assignments, they completed 70% of the course.

Complete % by Time is a calculation based on activity times. The LMS associates a time limit with all activities. If you were to add up all the completed activity times then divide by the total course time, the result would be the Complete % by Time.

Imagine a course with only 10 activities.

  1. Warm-Up (5)
  2. Instruction (20)
  3. Summary (5)
  4. Assignment (15)
  5. Assignment (15)
  6. Assignment (15)
  7. Assignment (15)
  8. Assignment (15)
  9. Quiz (60)
  10. Topic Test (120)

Think of the numbers in parentheses as the activity’s time limit.

If this student completes the first 5 activities, they would be 50% complete by count because there are 10 total activities and they have completed 5 of the activities.

If the student would have completed 60 minutes of course work, though, out of a total of 285 minutes, they would be 21% complete by time (60/285).