Editing an Announcement

To make adjustments to created announcements, use this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Does everyone have permission to delete an announcement?

Though this is a new permission, an educator is grandfathered in by default. However, an administrator can adjust the permission. All newly added educators do not have this permission by default.

I am a school administrator who has access to multiple schools in my district. Why can't I delete an announcement?

Users with Manage Announcements permissions can only maintain announcements for schools to which they have access. If an announcement is created for multiple schools and you don't have access to a school, you cannot edit the announcement. You must have access to all schools selected for the announcement.


To edit an announcement you must have "Manage Announcements" permissions. Click here to validate this permission in District and School Settings

  1. Under the More tab, select Manage Announcements.
  1. Select an announcement.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Make adjustments where needed.
  4. Click Save Announcement.