Career and Technical Education (CTE) technical requirements

Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses require additional software to provide students hands-on practice with animation, engineering, and other career readiness tools. While we build the download of these programs into the course, it will save time and frustration if administrators or lab managers download the appropriate software before the students first enter the classroom. If students will be working from their home computers, they must complete the download themselves. View Imagine Learning's Windows Compatibility for Career Electives document for additional information. For a list of eDynamic Learning required materials, review eDynamic Learning - Required Materials.

Additional files (rubrics, teacher guides, exemplars, syllabus, course briefings, scope and sequence docs) can all be downloaded from the Course Docs page in the Web Administrator.


The CTE courses are compatible with Chromebooks unless there is an additional software required. Reference Imagine Edgenuity Technical Requirements (Courseware section) for more information.


View the allowed URLs for CTE courses here.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a way to download all the software at once?
Yes, we have a 1.36 GB zip file of all of the downloads necessary for CTE courses. You can download it here
Is there a Windows Compatibility document available to help my students?

Required software

CTE Course Name Software Required Win/Mac Size (in MB)  
Introduction to Information Technology Python 3.2.3
Java Runtime Environment 6.0 Update 33

yes/yes 226 Windows- Download

Mac - Python, Java

Required materials

With CTE courses, the following have required materials: 

CTE Course Name Required Materials
Computer Applications - Office 2019/Office 365 Microsoft Office
Fundamentals of Programming Netbeans 
Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development Activities in this course require that the Java Software Development Kit (SDK) and the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is installed on students’ computers. Instructions are included in the Unit 1 lesson titled “Introduction to Java Programming.”
Introduction to Computer Science Activities in this course require that Python is installed on
students’ computers. This can be downloaded or use the web-based Python Anywhere site. Chromebook and tablet users should do the latter.  
Keyboarding and Applications

Microsoft Office

Middle School Computer Science
  • Access to the Microsoft Office suite or similar product line
  • Python and Scratch
  • Recommended for devices running Windows 10 or higher or MacOS