Active Time Filter (Definition)

This filter allows the user to view the amount of active time a student has done in a course. Active Time is the time a student spends on an activity up to submission for a score. This time includes watching videos, answering questions, taking eNotes, reading transcripts, or reviewing the Glossary while logged into Edgenuity. Active Time ends when an activity is completed and a score is assigned.

Frequently Asked Questions
My student is taking an AP course that requires them to read from a textbook. Does that time get calculated as active time?
Since the active time data metric refers to work within the Edgenuity platform, any work completed outside of Edgenuity cannot be logged. However, a student can open the reading activity inside their Edgenuity AP course and leave that open while they are reading their textbook to account for this time. Remember that students get auto logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity, so if they want to spend longer than 30 minutes to read from the textbook, they'll need to click the continue button on the logout warning popup.
I have my students take notes in another system, either online or in their notebooks. Does that time writing notes get calculated as Active Time in Imagine Edgenuity?
Edgenuity's Active Time metric relates to the time students are spending actively working inside of Edgenuity. Work completed externally will not count unless they have an unsubmitted activity open within Edgenuity. In this case, they could open the Edgenuity activity and leave it open while they write their notes elsewhere to count that time.


Users can clear the active time filters as well.