Text Translation in the Student Learning Experience

Use these steps to show a student how to hear text on the screen in a different language.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Which languages do we support with our translation tool?

View the supported languages here.

Does the class remain translated once a different language has been set?
No, the translation tool only translates the text that is on screen at the time, so the student will need to translate each new page.
Do videos or video captions translate?
No, the translation tool only translates HTML on-screen text. If a caption is on the screen when the student clicks "translate," it will translate. However the next caption that displays will revert to English. As an alternative, students can translate the video transcripts.
Are there courses for which text translation does not work?
Text translation does not work for eDynamic Learning, CTE, or World Language courses.


Text Translation must be enabled before it will show on the student's view. Learn how to enable text translation for a single student or multiple students

  1. Have the student select the tile for the course.
  2. Open the next activity.
  3. In the upper, right hand corner of the screen click the arrow next to English. The student will select the language of his/her choice. To find additional languages, click More.

    For the task pages in the instruction, throughout the assignment and assessment, a student will need to re-select the language as it resets as the frames change.

    The + icon MS-SLE-_plus_icon_for_transcripts.png needs to be clicked at least once per activity before selecting a language in order for the transcript to be translated. If not, a student will need to re-translate the screen.

  4. This is how it would look for students once the language has been selected.


    Unable to see the clip? Here is an image of it: