Completing a Teacher Review – Unlock an Assessment From the Homepage

Frequently Asked Questions:
Will this show only my student's reviews?

This will show the reviews for all student enrollments and is not specific to the teacher who is logged in.

Why are only some of my students showing?

You have been assigned to specific courses and the Dashboard will allow you to only view those courses and their enrollments.


This will appear if Teacher Review is enabled.

  1. If there are reviews waiting, click the Review Required button on the homepage. H-ReviewsRequired.png
  2. The item(s) waiting to be reviewed will be listed on this table. Click each item to complete the action.
  3. The activity needing to be unlocked will be selected.
  4. Click Unlock Activity.
  5. Select the time the student should be given before starting the assessment. Use the dropdown arrow to designate the time other than the default. Then, click Submit


    If class ends in 40 minutes and the student will take about 25 minutes on the exam, you would give the student 15 minutes before the assessment becomes locked again. This way you can ensure the student starts it before time runs out.