Red Exclamation Point Alert (Definition)

The red alert means the student is out of assessment retakes. Click the red alert next to a student's name for the options Review, Retake(s), Score, Bypass, Email, and Cancel.


  • Review: Displays the specific assessment in the student’s Gradebook. Educators can reset activities for review, remediate with the student, or assign an additional retake. Educators also have the option of changing the assignment grade, allowing the student to continue in the course.
  • Retake(s): Allows educators to grant additional retake attempts for the assessment directly from the Dashboard.
  • Grade: Allows educators to change a failing grade for the assessment, which uses the score in the grade calculations and permits students to continue in the course.
  • Bypass: Allows educators to bypass the activity for a student. Keep in mind that bypassing an assignment removes it from the required activities, and any grade earned is not included in the overall grade calculation.
  • Email: Initiates an email addressed to the student.
  • Cancel: Allows exiting without taking any action.