Idle Time (Definition)

Idle Time is all time that is not Active Time, including time reviewing previously completed activities, as well as time in the Course Map. Idle time is not necessarily time spent “goofing off.” It is simply not time spent making forward progress in a course.


  • To monitor how much time students are spending in Edgenuity not working on uncompleted activities


  • Time spent in the Course Map
  • Time spent reviewing a previously completed activity (any activity that the student previously submitted and is scored)

For example, if a student is reviewing eNotes for a lesson they have already completed in order to be better prepared for a test, that time is captured as idle time, but it is certainly not off-task time. A certain amount of idle time is to be expected, and it will vary depending on how much the student reviews previous work. But if a student has an above-average amount of idle time and is not making adequate progress in the course, it may be a signal that the student needs help managing their time better.

Also, students may have out-of-system active time that should be considered in overall course completion time. For example, if a student is working on a project in PowerPoint or another third-party software program, Imagine Edgenuity cannot capture the time as active unless the student is logged in and keeps the project assignment open while working in the other software.

A certain amount of idle time is to be expected from most students. However, excessive idle time (more than 15% or the total session time) could indicate that students are having difficulties focusing on their work when logged in, particularly if you also notice the student is not completing many activities in each session. You may want to consider working with students who are struggling to make progress by helping them monitor their time in the system. Students have access to this same report within the Course Report, so you may want to set weekly goals with these students.

Reports that include this metric: