Exceptional Students Course Suite

With built-in accommodations, the Exceptional Students Course Suite is a new series of courses that will help us address the needs of our exceptional student population. The Exceptional Students Course Suite provides supportive, scaffolded instruction in core subject areas (mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies) for students who require additional support. The courses feature developmentally appropriate lessons for high-school students working three or more grade levels behind. Exceptional Students courses run in the same platform as other Imagine Edgenuity courses, with the same familiar tools for students and functionality for educators, so that all students can have access to the same high-quality learning experience and learn seamlessly alongside their peers.

All courses in the suite include approximately 25 lessons organized into five thematic units and are pre-configured with accommodations and modifications. This allows students to spend more time learning the concepts and skills in each lesson as they move through the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What default course options support exceptional students?

Course options for Quizzes, Tests, and Exams are set to populate half the number of items of regular course assessments. The number of answer choices is be reduced to three. Options are be set to provide students with extensive time with no on-screen timer.

Are there any teacher-graded activities?

The courses do include some teacher-graded activities to address key standards. These were selected with the content area, and essential grade-level skills in mind.

What reading level are the courses written for?

In general, Reading and Writing I and II and Math I and II are written for reading levels 3–5. The remaining courses are written for reading levels 6–8.

Do these courses look different than other Imagine Edgenuity courses?

No. These courses look and feel the same as other Imagine Edgenuity courses. 

Are guided notes available for Exceptional Student courses?

Because the Exceptional Students Course Suite is built using Imagine Edgenuity content, guided notes are available for printing or download.

Do students earn credit for these courses?

These courses cover content that is below grade level; in some cases, significantly below. Most districts will only award credit for these courses for students whose IEPs allow them to earn credit for below-grade-level work. That said, this is a district-level decision.

Are these courses aligned to my state standards?

No. These courses cover content that is below grade level and are not aligned to specific standards. Rather, they cover content that is foundational to grade-level standards in all states.

Features of Exceptional Students Courses

The following are the features of the Exceptional Students course suite:

Feature Description
Eligibility Students whose IEPs allow for alternative credit are eligible for these courses.
Licensing These courses are licensed separately, similar to eDynamic Learning classes.
Standards alignment These courses cover foundational content and are not aligned to grade-level standards.
Length of course Approximately 25 lessons.
Accommodations and modifications

Accommodations and modifications include:

  • Unlimited time for assessment
  • Reduced assessment lengths
  • Only three answer choices for multiple-choice questions (the number of choices can be further reduced at a school’s discretion)

List of Exceptional Students Courses

Courses are available in the subjects of mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies:

Subject Courses
  • Basic Math I 
  • Basic Math II
  • Basic Algebra
  • Basic Geometry
Language Arts
  • Reading and Writing I
  • Reading and Writing II
  • Reading and Writing III
  • Reading and Writing IV
  • Life Science Essentials
  • Physical Science Essentials
Social Studies
  • U.S. History Essentials
  • World History Essentials
  • U.S. Government Essentials
  • Economics and Personal Finance Essentials

Review the Exceptional Students Course Suite Catalog for more information.