Frequently Asked Questions:


If an educator has one or more of the following permissions, enrollments will be visible for students that belong to the sites the educator has access to:

  • Educator Enrollments:
    • See All Courses and All Students
    • Access to All Schools in District
  • Student Enrollments: Access Student Enrollments in Other Schools
When will an active course enrollment show up on the Dashboard?

Courses will appear on the Dashboard under one of two circumstances:

  1. A student starts at least one activity in the course
  2. A student has not logged into a specific course to do any work, yet the start date to the class has expired. If the start date has come and gone, and no work has been done, then the student will show on the Dashboard with N/A for their progress and gradebook dates.

Filtering in the Dashboard will help narrow down a specific set of students. 


There are three different ways to filter:

Course Group Student