EdgeEX Educator Preview FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
What is EdgeEX?
EdgeEX is a new course series with an updated look and feel and a host of new functionality for both students and educators.
Is EdgeEX a new platform?
It is not a new platform; EdgeEX courses run on the same Imagine Edgenuity LMS as our other courses.
When will EdgeEX courses be widely available?
Many courses are available now; and more are becoming available each week. For a complete list of available courses, reference EdgeEX — Current functionality and releases.
What’s different about an EdgeEX course?
For students, EdgeEX courses feature:
  • A new look and feel in both the Course Map and the content itself.
  • Avatars students can select to personalize the learning experience.
  • Unit-level progress bars with animated celebrations when students complete a unit.
  • Fillable Guided Notes so students can work digitally instead of printing PDFs.
  • For math courses only, improved feedback for students with answer explanations for every question and Show Me videos for selected questions in each lesson.

For educators, EdgeEX courses feature:

  • A new Educator Launchpad that allows teachers to see how many students are blocked and how many activities they need to grade with just a quick jump to a streamlined workflow to unblock students or grade activities.
  • An improved, easy-to-use grading workflow.
  • A new Course Hub interface that puts all the information and actions for a single course in one place.
  • More powerful customization features, including the ability to fully customize a course even after students have been enrolled and started working.
  • Additional course options, including:
    • Setting all assessment options differently for different assessment types.
    • Allowing students to increase video playback speed.
    • Hiding/Showing pacing to students.
    • Capping the maximum number of attempts teachers can give students on assessment.
  • Self-service provisioning from the new Imagine Edgenuity EdgeEX Catalog.
What is different about the content in an EdgeEX course?
Although the graphic design of the EdgeEX series is all new, the instructional design of the EdgeEX series is similar to the 3000-series courses that already exist and the content itself is largely the same, with the following notable differences:

  3000 Series EdgeEX
Instruction (Warm-up, Instruction, and Summary) Some instructional activities include keyword-scored, open-ended questions.

No instructional activities include keyword-scored, open-ended questions; all questions are objective and system-scored.

Benefit: Teachers can easily find and score all open-ended questions.

Assignments Application activities that follow the instruction are called Assignments. Some Assignments include keyword-scored, open-ended questions.

These activities are now called Practice. No Practice activities include keyword-scored, open-ended questions; all questions are objective and system-scored.

In math courses only, Practice activities feature a new feedback loop for students that includes answer explanations and Show Me videos. These features may be added to other subjects in the future.

Benefit: Students get additional re-teaching and support for challenging math questions.

Reading Activities In assignments that require students to read an extended text, students launch the reading in a separate tab, then they go back to the main tab to answer the post-reading questions.

Practice activities that include an extended text feature the text side-by-side with the questions, without the need to open a new tab.

Benefit: If districts block students from opening new tabs (for security reasons), students will not run into issues with reading activities.

Science Labs Science labs appear in specific Lab Lessons. These lessons include a hands-on lab and lab report, as well as a virtual lab and reflection activity. The hands-on lab and lab report do not appear in the credit recovery version of the course.

Virtual labs and reflection activities will no longer appear. They will be replaced with a new activity type called Sim Lab, which features guided exploration of an interactive simulation powered by PHeT or Explore Learning Gizmos. These activities will replace the Practice activities in the lessons in which they appear, and Lab Lessons will not appear at all in the credit recovery version of the course. Initial credit and honors science courses will still have hands-on labs in addition to the Sim Lab activities.

Benefit: These simulations are more exploratory in nature and better align to science practice standards in most states. Because the virtual labs no longer duplicate the hands-on labs, we can significantly increase the percentage of science lessons that include labs.

Assessments Assessments include lesson pretests, quizzes, test reviews, tests, exam reviews, and exams. Test and exam reviews are weighted in the Assignments category.

Test reviews and exam reviews will be renamed practice tests and practice exams. They will have their own grade weight category. Based on student performance on the practice assessments, the system will recommend specific lessons for them to review before the real assessment.

Benefit: Students will know what to review before the assessment, increasing their ability to pass on the first attempt.

Math assessments feature answer explanations, available when students review their completed attempts.

Benefit: Students can learn from their mistakes.

Which course options are new for EdgeEX courses?
  • Pretesting: Allow Save and Exit, Require Teachers to Unlock Pretests (formerly known as Teacher Review)
  • Assessment Options: Set review options for tests and exams in addition to quizzes (no review, student answers only, correct answers and explanations)
  • Assessment Attempts: Configure different numbers of attempts for quizzes, tests, and exams; set the maximum number of attempts teachers can give before students are moved on automatically, set auto-progression per assessment type
  • Free Movement: Allow students to increase video playback speed
  • Start and Target Dates: Support for automatic Target Dates for Rolling Enrollments, Lock Course Before Start Date, Lock Course [xx] Days After Target Date
  • Display Pacing to Students: Show/hide Estimated Completion Time on Course Map,  Due Dates on Course Map, Pacing on Home Page, and Activities Past Due Alert on Course Map
Are there any features that will NOT be available in EdgeEX courses in 2024?

For information about available features, reference EdgeEX — Current functionality and releases.

Can I use my current courses and EdgeEX courses, or do I have to have one or the other?
You can use both together. A given student can be enrolled in some current courses and some EdgeEX courses. Adopt as many or as few as you choose, on whatever schedule works for you.
If we use EdgeEX courses with our students, will we need different accounts?
No. Students and educators can access both current and EdgeEX courses from their existing accounts. No new usernames or logins will be required.