Understanding the Activities Report

Use this page to learn about the contents of the Activities Report.


By default, Administrator Reports are visible to district administrators. For school administrators and teachers to see the reports, the View District Reports permission must be enabled on the user account. Data in the Administrator Reports includes only the school or schools associated with the user's account.

To learn about general features of the dashboard and widgets, reference the Administrator Reports Overview

The data on the Activities Report refreshes overnight.

Accessing the Report

  1. Access the Administrator Reports and click District Usage & Activities.
  2. Click the Activities tab to view the report.

Report Features


The table below explains each section of the report.

Feature Description
Activity pass rate
  • Top number shows the percentage of activities graded that received a passing score (greater than 60%).
  • Bottom number shows the average score of activities graded within the timeframe selected.
Post-test gain (avg)

Shows the average percentage of gain between pre-testing and post-testing for students who have taken both a pre-test and a post-test on a given lesson. This measures how student engagement with the content impacts their comprehension.

Failed retakes in last week
  • Top number shows the number of failed retakes in the last 7 days. A retake is a student’s second attempt at a post-lesson quiz. Failing a retake is an indicator of students struggling with comprehension and in need of additional support.
  • Bottom number shows the change from the previous 7 day period.
Quiz score (avg)
  • Top number shows the average quiz score.
  • Bottom number shows the percentage of quizzes passed. 
Pre-test and post-test scores by subject area

Bar graph shows the pre-test (grey) and post-test (blue) scores broken down by the following subject areas:

  • Electives
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
Score / Time Spent / Attempts

The bar graph on each tab shows average score, average time spent in minutes, and average number of attempts to complete an activity, broken down by the following activity types: 

  • Test
  • Exam
  • Quiz
  • Project
  • Essay
  • Lab
  • Assignment