Grading an AP World Language speaking activity


Beginning June 30, 2024, AP French and AP Spanish will no longer be available in Imagine Edgenuity. These courses are Unsupported as of April 1. On June 30, however, they will be removed altogether from the system; they will not continue to exist in an Unsupported status. 

Review the FAQ in the Advanced Placement courses article for more information. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your Imagine Learning Account Executive.

Use this page to grade an Advanced Placement World Language speaking assignment via the Dashboard. The AP Grading Guide is also a resource available to learn about the procedures for the Advanced Placement courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions
I got an alert to grade my student's work, but I don't see their work. Where is it?
The student did not submit their assignment before clicking Done so no content was saved. Have the student go back and complete the assignment, submit it, then click Done. See below for instructions on how students submit their AP World Language assignments.
Once a student submits the activity, can they change their answer?
No. Once the student submits the activity, changes cannot be made. While a student can type additional work, nothing is saved after clicking the Submit button. Educators can reset the activity from the Edgenuity gradebook or from the top left of the grading window to allow students another opportunity to respond.
How do I reset an activity?

You can reset any activity that a student submits, such as writing activities, speaking activities, quizzes, tests, and exams.

You must complete all of the following steps for the reset to work:

  1. At the top-right of the window, click the Gear icon, then in the drop-down list that displays, click Reset All.
  2. At the top of the page, click Reset Activity.
Is there a printable guide I can use to access these steps?
Yes, you can find it here.


Students are required to complete two steps when submitting speaking assignments. Work submitted to educators is not visible to the educator unless these two steps occur:

  1. When ready to submit, a student needs to click the submit icon AP_WL-grading-student_side-submit_icon.png.

  2. The icon will have Activity Submitted next to it.

  3. Any changes made by the student after Activity Submitted shows, will not be counted.
  4. Click Done.

  5. Students are prompted to ensure they have submitted the assignment (step 1). 
    • If they have, click OK
    • If they have not, click Cancel. Then complete step one.


After these steps are made on the student's side, you can proceed to score the activity.

  1. On the main menu, select Dashboard.
  2. The Progress tab is selected by default.
  3. All the students are listed here with each class in which they are enrolled. Filter to see a particular set of students. With each filter, click Apply.
  4. Choose the information desired on the screen by using the display options.
  5. Sort in different ways to be able to interpret the data.
  6. Any student who has a yellow alert icon has an item for the teacher to grade. Left-click on the icon.


    Learn more about the other alerts.

  7. Select Review.
  8. Any activity needing action, YES is displayed under Action Required. Click on the row to view.
  9. The lesson should be expanded already with the item highlighted. If not, expand the unit and lesson of the activity needing graded. 


    To find out about all the actions an educator can take, click here.

  10. Click View.
  11. Toggle to the student's answers. The most recent submission has an asterisk (*) next to it. 
  12. Assess the student's work by selecting the play button AP_WL-grading-student_side-speaking-play_icon-speaking.png, then click play again. 


    If Activity submitted does not show at the top, then the student did not submit their work and you will not be able to score anything. : Direct your students to go back to the assignment, click the red submit button, then click the done button.

  13. Click Change Score
  14. Enter a score for the assignment. 
  15. Click Submit
  16. To provide comments, write them in the Comments box. 
  17. Click Update Comments
  18. Click X to exit the window when finished.