Course options for AP World Language courses


Beginning June 30, 2024, AP French and AP Spanish will no longer be available in Imagine Edgenuity. These courses are Unsupported as of April 1. On June 30, however, they will be removed altogether from the system; they will not continue to exist in an Unsupported status. 

Review the FAQ in the Advanced Placement courses article for more information. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your Imagine Learning Account Executive.

In the AP World Language courses, educators are encouraged to keep track of the student's assessment scores. The Imagine Edgenuity system will not read course option requirements that are typical for assessments. A student will be able to progress through the course despite earning a failed score. If an educator wants a student to redo the assessment they can assign a retake. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I want the student to retake an assessment?
You can assign a retake for that assessment. Upon login, the student will be prompted to redo the assessment before continuing on in the course.
Will I get a retake alert on the Dashboard if the student's score is low?
No. Since there is no passing threshold, there is not a score that would trigger the alert.

Course Options

The following course options are applicable to AP World Language courses: 

Option Description
Passing Thresholds Not applicable
Grading Weights Changes the grade weight for different activities and assessments. 
Assessment Options Not applicable unless a non AP-World Language lesson is added to the course.
Accommodations/Modifications Not applicable
Auto Grading Method Specifies which of the three different grading methods are used for the course. Automatic with Grade is the default. 
Teacher Review Not applicable unless a non AP-World Language lesson is added to the course.
Guided Notes Provides a way to keep students actively engaged during the lecture portions of the online coursework. 
Free Movement Allows students to move freely between activities in the course, rather than in order from top to bottom. With this option enabled, students can freely click on any activity, but they will still be required to watch videos in their entirety. 
Pretesting Options Not applicable
Quiz Review Method Educators can control a student's visibility to quiz questions and answers after the quiz is submitted and failed attempts are exhausted.
Time Limits for Assessments Not applicable
Update Start and Target Dates for Students Specifies the beginning and projected completion dates for the course.
Prescriptive Testing Options Not applicable