Student Actions for Active Students

The following describes each action available to educators on the Manage Students page.

  • Depending on your permissions and the students selected, you may not see all of these options.
  • Some actions are available for only one student, while others can be applied to multiple students in bulk as listed below.
  • Some of these actions can only be applied when the educator is in the same school as the student.


If you don't see any one or more of these actions and you have the associated permission, check to make sure you are in the same school as the student. 

Action Single Student Bulk Student Description
View Courses White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png View all current active enrollment data; will automatically take your to the Manage Enrollments page
Progress Report White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png View the progress a student has made through all the courses currently enrolled
Session Log White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png Provides an overview of the dates and times the students has been active and idle in the courses
Enroll in Courses White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Add course(s) to the selected student(s) to begin working
Update Student White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png Provide additional information and/or change any settings to the student's account
Add to Groups White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Add students to educator-created user groups. 
Promote to Next Grade White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Automatically moves the selected student(s) to the next grade in their account
Change Grade Level White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Adjust the grade level of the selected student(s). 

Note: The grade selected will become the grade for all selected students. If different grades are wanted, select the students moving to the same grade at a time
Update Text-to-Speech White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Enable or disable the text-to-speech option for the selected students
Update Text Translation White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Enable or disable the text translation option for the selected students
Update Orientation Video White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Enable or disable the orientation video option for the selected students
Archive  White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Removes the selected student(s) from the active list; no student can access Edgenuity's system that are in archived status.
View Family Members White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png View the members of the student's family entered into their account
Fitness Log White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png View the fitness-related information of the student
Change Student Password White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png Allows the educator to create the student's new password
Send Password Reset Email White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png Sends an email to the student to reset their own password
Get a Temporary Password White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png Provides the educator a temporary password to give to the student. The student will then be prompted to change their password upon log in
Impersonate White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png Allows the educator to impersonate a student. This action will be marked as progress if the educator completes coursework for the student

To learn how to take a specific action, use the following pages:

Actions Available for One Student Actions Available for Multiple Students