Managing Students Overview

The Manage Students page contains robust tools for educators when working with student accounts. From searching and filtering, to applying edits in bulk, educators can easily and efficiently manage their students.

Accessing Manage Students

Under the Students tab, click Manage Students.

Features of the Manage Students Page

The following are the features of the Manage Students page:


Features Definition
Select My Account View the courses added to your account
Add Student With the permission enabled, add a new student account
Settings Menu

These three options allow a user to export data, customize the columns that display on the page, and expand the view of the page. 

Note: The exported data may contain student data that is protected by federal and state law; it is your responsibility to not share this with any unauthorized persons and to take precautions to protect the
privacy of any student data.

Status Tabs Find student accounts based on their account status 
Search Bar Search for a student account by name or user ID. Use the Advanced field to exclude students from the search.
Filtering the Student List Use the provided filters to narrow down the list of students based on the specific criteria selected
Classes The class management page that allows a user to create, edit, and remove a class. 

User Permissions

Managing Students is governed by a number of permissions. Review the Educator Permissions Defined page to see which roles, by default, are given Student Account permissions. 

Student Actions

These are available actions on the Manage Students page. Actions may be limited by the number of student(s) selected and the student's account status (Active, Archived, Transferred). To find out how to complete an action on a student's account and any required permission, use the links provided below. 

Actions Available for an Active Student Actions Available for Multiple Active Students
Actions Available for an Archived Student Actions Available for Multiple Archived Students
View Transferred Students