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Getting Started

Implementation Solutions

Choose from the following implementation solution. Your school or district may have already provided guidance on which solution should be used.

Teacher-led OR Virtual School
With this solution, educators can use Imagine Odysseyware's online curriculum to continue offering instruction to students during a closure. Educators broadcast themselves teaching lessons using Zoom or Google Classroom so students can continue learning. This solution is true online learning, offering structure and progress tracking. Students can work asynchronously and at their own pace.
Zoom User Meeting Controls

Zoom Presenter Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with Zoom Meetings (Video)
Teacher Navigation Quick Start Guide

Student Navigation Quick Start Guide

Managing Students

How can I add students to the Imagine Odysseyware system?

Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Creating Student Profiles The process to add students into the system. Quick Start Guide

Managing Courses and Understanding the Curriculum

Where do I begin in assigning courses to students?

Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Searching Course Content Using the Courses tab, teachers can easily search course content and standards. Quick Start Guide
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Enrolling Students in Courses Assign student(s) to a course.  Quick Start Guide


Course Gradebook

Where can I find more information on how to grade student projects and writing? 

Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Manual Grading Complete grading tasks manually by following the steps outlined in the guide. Quick Start Guide

Monitoring Students

Where can I track the progress of my students? 

Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Dashboard View information about class and student progress.  Quick Start Guide