A Student's Courses Page Overview

Use this page to access the course page for a student. 


  1. Under the Students tab, type the student's name in the search bar.

  2. Click the student's name once it appears below the search box.

  3. The student's name will emerge to the left of the other tabs.


  4. The page refreshses and populates all of the student's current courses. To learn more about this page, click here
  5. Select the radio-button of the class in which an action will be taken.


Select an action to be completed:

Accessing the Assignment Calendar Accessing the Course Standards
Accessing the Fitness Log Additional Activities
Completing an Enrollment Configuring an Additional Activity Grade Weight
Customize a Course Disabling a Course
Editing a Submitted Additional Activity Editing the Course Options
Enrolling a Student in a Course Grades for the Course
Scores and Activity Review Setting Teacher Review for a Course
Undoing a Bypass Viewing a Student's eNotes
Viewing Diagnostic Test Results Viewing the Retakes of a Course