Virtual Tutor – Diagnostic Assessments

Every Virtual Tutor (VT) course, including each of the strands, contains both a diagnostic pretest and post test. At the beginning of each virtual tutor, a diagnostic pretest evaluates each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses.The questions on this pretest are taken from the skills lessons included in the course. For each lesson, three questions that best exemplify the skills and standards will appear on the pretest.

At the end of the personalized learning path is a diagnostic post test. The diagnostic pretest and post test contain the same questions, showing student mastery of the assigned skills from start to finish.


Based on the results of the diagnostic pretest, the strand is then further customized; each student receives an individualized learning path of instruction and practice focusing only the skills not yet mastered. Mastery is determined by answering at least two out of the three lesson questions correctly.


Post test: 


The lesson structure of a VT is similar to that of an Imagine Learning's Courseware. The majority of the lessons have a warm-up, instruction, summary, assignment, and then an assessment.