Virtual Tutor – Course Options

Since these courses were designed as an 'online tutor' for students, many options have been enabled to make these courses self-managing by students. These features are not recommended for credit-bearing courses but are very beneficial for tutor courses.


Once the personalized learning path has been determined, students are provided a variety of lesson activities that reinforce the skills not yet mastered. Only the lessons they need are in their study plan. 

The Pretesting option is available but is is off by default. This is because the personalized learning path has already been determined, so pretesting will likely make the course longer. However, districts can enable pretesting on all math, science, and social studies virtual tutor courses. 

When the Pretesting option is enabled, students have an additional opportunity to test out of these assigned skills lessons. This Pretesting help article will explain this feature in further detail.

Quiz Attempts

By default, students have two opportunities to demonstrate mastery of the lesson quizzes. The setting for fail attempts (or retakes) can be customized by the teacher; the Assessment Options help article explains how to customize this setting in more detail.

Automatic Progression

To prevent students from getting stuck along the way through their learning path, Automatic Progression is enabled on the tutor courses. This option will accept the highest score on the lesson quiz and record it as the student's grade, even if the score does not meet the passing threshold as set by the teacher.