Downloading and Opening Documents into Google Drive

Depending on the school or district settings, a document may need to be converted and opened into Google Drive. For example, if a student is using a Chromebook and has downloaded a document from Imagine Edgenuity that is in Word format, they'll need to open the document using Google Docs.

Check out this helpful Google Help article that outlines different ways of working with Office files. 


Here is some additional information related to documents in Google and Edgenuity's system:

  1. Writing prompt –
    • Student side - students will need to copy and paste the shared google doc link into the text box and add a sentence for the teacher that is more than 10 words long (or it won't let them submit).
    • Teacher side - educators will get a yellow grading alert on the Dashboard and when they view the submitted writing, they need to copy and paste the link into a separate browser window.


      It doesn't include a hyperlink so there will be an added step.

  2. Project –
    • Student side - students would need to make the google doc a PDF, which can be done in their Google drive. Then, they choose to attach the PDF and submit.
    • Teacher side - the teacher gets a yellow grading alert on the Dashboard and when they view the submitted project, they can open the attached PDF. 


To learn about downloading or saving Google documents, presentations, or spreadsheets in order to upload and submit them to an activity use this site to learn how