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Find a list of reports within Imagine Edgenuity and MyPath Legacy.

Imagine Edgenuity Reports

Report Name Report Description Related Articles
Dashboard View student progress and students needing support in real-time data. Alerts will display when a student is awaiting a review, a student is out of retakes, and/or a student has submitted work that needs grading. The Dashboard
Gradebook At a glance, one can see test, quiz, or activity scores for an entire class, or for a group that you define. An educator can see when a student is out of retakes, has submitted an assignment for you to grade, or has reached an assessment that must be unlocked by a teacher. Also, one can easily view and grade assignments, change a score, and reset or bypass an assignment.

Class Gradebook

Student's Gradebook

Manage Enrollments The Manage Enrollments page provides a view of enrollments for courses taught, courses in the school (for School Administrators), or courses in the district (for District Administrators). Use the Manage Enrollments page to find enrollments that meet certain criteria, mark those enrollments complete or disabled, and change start and target dates for those enrollments. Managing Enrollments
Course Report This report allows an educator to view a student's entire course and the score earned for each activity in the course. 

Accessing the Course Report

Understanding the Course Report

Group Progress Report Find an overview of the progress for a group of students. Progress is calculated at the end of the day for each student, so these figures may be delayed up to 24 hours. 

Group Progress Report

Accessing the Group Progress Report

Student Progress Report All the courses a student is enrolled in and an overview of his/her progress within each course. Unless a teacher has been locked to certain courses, the teacher can view a student's progress in all his/her courses. 

Student Progress Report Via Manage Students

Student Progress Report Via Selected Student Tab

Attendance Log Find the total time a student was working within a course. This time includes active and idle time.  Accessing the Attendance Log
Session Log Like the attendance log, the session log digs deeper into the times a student was working on a course. This provides the active and idle times, the number of activities completed, and the course(s) worked on by the student.

Session Log Via Manage Students

Session Log Via Selected Student Tab

Understanding the Student Session Log

Manage Snapshots Snapshots take a "picture" of the Group Progress Report so that it can be used to compare student progress from snapshot to snapshot. They are useful when comparing student progress over time, potentially comparing progress from week to week, month to month, or over another time frame.  Snapshots
Lesson Mastery
The Lesson Mastery Report will show which lessons and standards are challenging for students. The page can customize the report by configuring the following elements: course, the student population, the definition of ‘struggling’, the target standards
Lesson Mastery Report
Recent Actions This report lists the actions taken by instructors and administrators. One can click an action to view information about that action.  Accessing the Recent Actions Log
Scores and Activity Review This report allows educators to view all of a student’s scores on the work submitted for a given course. From this area, educators can go into any activity to change the score or leave feedback. Scores and Activity Review