Back-to-School for Administrators

Welcome Administrators!

We are so glad you are here! The checklist below will help you get your account ready for the new school year.

Have you scheduled your professional development? Check out our Professional Development Catalog to explore a variety of workshops and targeted sessions available. Training days during back-to-school season are in high demand. Schedule any necessary training as far in advance as possible to ensure you get your requested date.

Getting started

Check the End-of-year data management page for step-by-step instructions on how to perform each of the following actions. These should be performed before the start of the new school year and should not overlap with any summer school programs.


1. District Calendar
Update the District Calendar Set up your district calendar to include school days and non-school days. This calendar is used by many reports to determine student progress. Without this set, students will have work assigned on weekends and holidays. District Calendar
2. Educators *
Add Educators Create an account for any new educators. Adding an Educator
3. Students *
Add New Students Add new student accounts individually, or if you have a large number of students to add, you can contact your Account Manager who can help you import your entire student roster.  Adding a Student
Archive seniors and then complete the grade level promotions. Archiving graduating seniors cleans the active student roster and eliminates the security possibility of someone using an old student's account. Keeping the grade levels accurate helps with cleaner data to ensure accurate course completion and active student/course numbers. Archiving Multiple Student Accounts

Promoting Students to Next Grade

*For steps #2 and #3: Many integrations handle student and educator data on your behalf, so consult your Account Manager to ensure these steps are completed before the start of a new school year. 

4. Course Management
Review Your Course List It's essential to keep the course list clean so your teachers are assigning the correct courses. Edgenuity releases updates throughout the year, so ensure your versions are current at back to school. If you customize courses for the new year, be sure to remove the old versions.

Customizing Courses Customize your courses before enrolling your students.  Customizing
Update Start and Target Dates Start and target dates affect the accuracy of student progress and assignment calendars to help them stay on pace. Changing the Start and Target Dates
Assign Teachers to Courses Disperse the courses to their respective teachers.  Assigning Teachers to Courses
5. Security Settings
Set up IP Registry for your schools IP Registry can prevent students from taking assessments outside of school. IP Registry
6. Family Portal
Consider Family Portal Access Encourage family members to monitor student progress using Edgenuity's Family Portal. Enabling the Family Portal

Activating the Family Portal