Email Overview

Frequently Asked Questions:
Who can students email?

Students can email any educator with the same school access as them.

Who can educators email?

Teachers can email students as well as other educators with access to the same school. District Administrators can email anyone within their district.

The email feature allows educators and students to communicate. The platform will save all received and sent messages and an educator or student can view his/her messages at any time. Go through the pages to learn more about the email feature.


Students are unable to send attachments. 


Archiving a Sent Email Archiving an Inbox Email
Emailing a Group of Students Emailing a Student
Enable an Archived Inbox Email Enable an Archived Sent Email
Forwarding a Sent Email Forwarding an Inbox Email
Replying to a Sent Email Replying to an Inbox Email
Unread Email Alert Viewing Sent Emails