MyPath Overview


MyPath is being retired on September 1, 2024. Learn more at MyPath end-of-life recommendations.

An Individualized Learning Path (ILP) in Imagine Edgenuity's MyPath, works on Chromebook™ and tablets. The ILP takes students on average between 20-25 hours to complete.  Whether an individual purchases MyPath separate or with the assessment integration at additional cost, the reading and/or math Imagine Edgenuity Placement Exam, as well as all of the reading and/or math ILPs (foundational, basic, intermediate, and advanced) are included.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is MyPath?

MyPath is a supplemental program designed to meet students at their level in reading and math, and gives specific instruction and practice on what is needed to catch up and maintain proficiency. Within the ILPs, students will be presented with over 5,000 practice tasks, 12,000 assessment items, and age-appropriate content for middle and high school students. Our program includes:

  • Foundational ILPs (new lessons at the 3rd- and 4th-grade levels in reading and math)
  • Basic ILPs
  • Intermediate ILPs
  • Advanced ILPs
  • Edgenuity Placement Exam (available for reading and math)

MyPath also uses results from NWEA™ MAP® Growth™ assessments to recommend ILPs for students.

How does MyPath work?

MyPath consists of three components:

  1. Assess Students: Educators can assess students by:
    • Assigning Imagine Edgenuity placement tests in math and/or reading, OR
    • Importing data from the assessment integration partner NWEA™.
  2. Review and Assign ILPs: Imagine Edgenuity’s Learning Management System will display individual scores along with a suggested ILP for each student. Educators need to enroll the student in the recommended ILP so that individuals can begin receiving the targeted instruction needed.
  3. Monitor Student Performance: Teachers can use Imagine Edgenuity’s reporting system to measure student progress and performance. The reporting system appears in the dashboard and on the ILP import grid.
What is the recommended implementation model?

Implementations will vary based on the student and the school's or district’s program. Recommend that students work through ILPs before or after school, during a study period, or at home. Students can also complete assignments as supplemental work in core classes. The intention is not to remove students from credit-bearing courses in order to complete ILPs.



Imagine Edgenuity MyPath is designed to assess the reading and math level of middle and high school students and provide assistance on what is needed to catch up, maintain proficiency, or get ahead. Students can complete the Imagine Edgenuity Placement Exam (EPE) or have assessment data imported to receive the recommended ILP. 

There are four main components within a lesson: direct instruction, supported practice, independent practice, and assessments. Within the direct instruction, students receive examples, modeling, and real-world connections of a skill or concept delivered by on-screen instructors. The supported practice allows students to use interactive tasks to practice the skills that was just learned. The independent practice allows students to work on a skill individually while receiving feedback. The assessments consists of activity quizzes and unit tests that track performance and provides the information to the students and teachers.