MyPath- Imagine Edgenuity Placement Exam Score Ranges- Mathematics


MyPath is being retired on September 1, 2024. Learn more at MyPath end-of-life recommendations.

The chart below explains how each Individualized Learning Path is linked to a group of questions on the mathematics exam. The approximate grade level of the content and skills within each ILP are listed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Imagine Edgenuity MyPath Placement Exam adaptive?

No, it's a static test. You can read more about it here in the MyPath user guide.

Is there a report detailing what students got right and wrong on the Imagine Edgenuity MyPath Placement Exam?

There isn't a report like this for skills and standards. Teachers can review individual questions that the student answered incorrectly by going to the student's gradebook and viewing answers for the Placement Exam. However, the placement exam is designed only to place students into an appropriate ILP. It doesn't return data at a granular level. Data at that level is collected while the students are in the ILP, as they complete activities and quizzes.

Are students permitted to use calculators on the math placement exam?

This is designed to identify a student's learning gaps, so we recommend that students complete the exam without the use of a calculator to get a more accurate assessment of the student's learning gaps.

ILP Grade Questions
Foundational Math A 3 1-4
Foundational Math B 4 5-8
Basic Math A 5 9-12
Basic Math B 6 13-16
Basic Math C 6 17-20
Basic Math D 6 21-24
Intermediate Math A 7 25-28
Intermediate Math B 7 29-32
Intermediate Math C 8 33-36
Intermediate Math D 8 37-40
Advanced Math A 9 41-42
Advanced Math B 10 43-44