Understanding the Retakes Page for a Student

This is what the Retakes page will look like for a typical student using the product.
Notice the total amount of retakes vs the amount of retakes used. There is also an individual breakdown of all the activities that have been retaken by the student. These retakes have been granted by the educator of record for that specific course.


Feature Description
Course Name Name of the course.
Total Retakes Given The total number of additional retakes added by an educator for the entire course.
Total Retakes Used The total number of retakes used by a student for the entire course.

*If this number is negative then that means the student has not used up the fail attempts given in the edit options for the course. 
Lesson Name(s) Each lesson where an educator has allowed optional retakes.
Activity Name(s) The type of assessment that now has additional retakes added to it.
Order The location of the activity in the course.
Total The number of retakes for that specific assignment.
Remaining The number of remaining retakes available to the student. To update, change the value in the box and click Update.
Time Limit If the time limit on the assessment has changed (The total time the student has to submit the assessment once it has been started), that information will display here. It is recommended that the time be left as "default" unless there is a specific need to change this value.
Update Button If the Remaining value has changed, click this button to apply the changes.

To see what it would look like in the student experience when a retake is provided, click here.