Enrolling a Student in a Course

Use this page to learn how to add a student to a course.


To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Assign New Enrollment" checked under Student Enrollments. To validate your permissions, click here.

If you use one of the Instructional Services offerings, you will need to visit our Virtual School Resource Center to learn how to enroll a student in a course.

Need to know how to access this page? View the steps here.

  1. Click Add Course.
  2. Under Available Courses, use the drop-down filters to find a specific course. Click Search when done.
    • Series- type of course
    • Category- regular course is the only option
    • Subject- program of study
    • Grade level- the level of the course
  3. The search results will populate. Click on a header to sort the courses, then checkmark the course(s) to add.
  4. Click Add Selected Courses.
  5. Ensure the course(s) are correct. Click Submit.
  6. A confirmation window will show the course(s) was added successfully.