Tips to Filtering by a Course

Looking for a specific type of course? Here are some tips:

  • Courseware: Under Series, select either 10002000, or 3000. (Most updated courses are 3000-series courses). Then, select a Subject.
  • Advanced Placement (AP): Under Series, select AP.
  • Imagine Purpose Courses: Under Series, select Imagine Purpose
  • Imagine Purpose Modules: Under Series, select Imagine Purpose Modules
  • Powerspeak (AP Courses): Under Series, select World Language.
  • World Language: Under Series, select World Language LMS.
  • Virtual Tutors (VT): Under Series, select VT.
  • eDynamic Learning: Under Series, select eDynamic Learning Electives.
  • MyPath: Under Series, select ILP.
  • MyPath Placement Exam: Under Series, select Placement Exam.
  • Honors: Under Series, select Honors.
  • Career Electives: Under Series, select Career Electives.
  • Career Pathways: Under Series, select Career Pathways.
  • Fitness Courses: Under Series, select Fitness.
  • World Language LMS: Under Series, select World Language LMS
  • Booster: Under Series, select Booster.
  • Odysseyware 3-5: Under Series, select 3-5 Courses.