EdgeEX — Changing or awarding a score and adding comments on an activity in the student's Gradebook

Use this page to change a score on a system-scored activity or to or award a score on a teacher-graded activity. 


If you want to add a comment to the student's activity without changing the score of the activity, you can also use the steps in this article to do that.

  1. Access the Gradebook.
  2. Locate the applicable activity in the Course Structure section.
  3. Click the Manage Score icon.
  4. The Manage Score flyout displays, defaulting to the Score Activity tab. 


    The Score Items tab is not available at this time.

  5. Enter the new score and an optional comment.


    The Comment field has a 25,000-word character limit, including spaces.

  6. Click Submit.
  7. Do one of the following:
    If Then
    You are finished  Continue to the next step.

    You need to edit your previously-entered score or comment

    Click Edit and make the necessary changes to the grade or comment.


  8. To save and close, click the X at the top of the flyout or click Cancel.