EdgeEX — Functionality available for Summer 2023

Some heritage Imagine Edgenuity features are not yet available in EdgeEX courses. This article provides information about courses and features that will and will not be available for EdgeEX courses when it launches in Summer 2023.


National versions (as well as some state versions, to be announced soon) of the following courses will be available in the first batch of EdgeEX courses:

  • Algebra I

  • Geometry

  • Algebra II

  • Mathematics I (integrated high school pathway)

  • Mathematics II (integrated high school pathway)

  • Mathematics III (integrated high school pathway)

Virtual Tutors, Concept Recovery, and exam-only courses will not be available.


The following heritage Imagine Edgenuity features will not be fully available in Summer 2023.

Gradebook/Reviewing student work

When reviewing student work, educators will not be able to bypass activities (instead, they can exclude the activity via customization). Educators also cannot leave feedback for students yet, although the ability to leave written feedback will be available in the fall. Audio feedback will not be available until 2024.

Also, while the single-student Gradebook is greatly enhanced in EdgeEX, the course Gradebook (the gradebook that shows scores for all students in a particular course) is not available.

The Additional Activity feature will not be available in EdgeEX in 2023.

Self-enrollment Open enrollment/access codes are not available for EdgeEX.

Some reports in the heritage product are not yet available for EdgeEX Courses.

Course Report: The downloadable PDF Course Report is not available yet for either students or educators, although the information in the report is visible (on the Course Map for students and the Gradebook for teachers).

Student Progress Overview: The "Progress Overview" area on the student Course Map is not available. Students can view their grades and progress on the Course Map, but they do not have access to their grade weights or grade weight category scores.

Student Progress Report: The Progress Report will display only the metrics that also appear on Manage Enrollments (progress, grades, dates). It will not display Time Remaining, Daily Goal, or the grade-weight-category information.

Attendance Log/Session Log: EdgeEX courses will not appear in Attendance Log or Session Log, although a separate EdgeEX-specific Attendance Log can be dropped into a secure folder weekly to administrators who wish to receive it.

Lesson Mastery Report: EdgeEX courses will not appear in the Lesson Mastery Report.

Scores and Activity Review: The Scores and Activity Review report will be available later in the fall.

Recent Actions: Some actions for EdgeEX courses will not appear in Recent Actions. These actions will be reported in the corresponding EdgeEX hub in a 2024 release:

  • Add / Remove EdgeEX license
  • Add course to District Catalog
  • Add course to School Catalog
  • Create a Section
  • Changes to Course Options or Enrollment Options
  • Gradebook Actions
  • Customizations

Administrator Reports: The District Usage and Activities reports do not include EdgeEX courses.

Some SSRS Subscription Reports:

Available Summer 2023 Not available Summer 2023
  • Action Log
  • Attendance Log Summary
  • Attendance Log Raw Data Report
  • Gradebook Activities
  • Gradebook Activities Raw Data
  • Pretest/Post-test Scores
  • Progress Snapshot As-Of
  • Progress Snapshot During
  • Reusable Enrollments
  • Student Achievement
  • User Permissions
Course options

Accommodations and Modifications: The following course options are not available in EdgeEX courses:

  • Hide assessment timer (although students are able to hide the timer themselves if they do not wish to view it).
  • Reduce number of items on Quizzes, Tests, and Exams.
  • Reduce number of distractors on assessments.

Course Options Summary: Course options for EdgeEX courses will not populate on the Course Options Summary.

Prescriptive Testing: EdgeEX courses do not offer prescriptive testing. They do, however, offer lesson-level pretesting, which works the same way pretesting works in the heritage courses.


The roadmap for EdgeEX includes in-flight customization and the ability to modify assessments and author original lessons. However, customization functionality available for Summer 2023 will be more limited than the heritage product currently offers. Please consider the customizations you plan to make to math courses as you decide when to adopt EdgeEX.

For Summer 2023, customization will include the ability to exclude units, lessons, or activities at the enrollment level (single student).

Instructional Services and On-Demand Tutoring These features are not available for EdgeEX.
IP Registry and Manage Schedules These features are not available for EdgeEX.

EdgeEX fully supports integrations for account creation and SSO (for example, Clever, ClassLink). However, some integrations are not yet supported.

Nightly Import with Course Enrollments: SIS integrations that include section creation and course enrollment are not yet supported.

Thin Common Cartridge, LTI, QTI: These deep content integrations are not yet supported.

Media Appliances/Caching Servers Districts who rely on these (because of low bandwidth) should not adopt EdgeEX yet.
Plagiarism Checker The Plagiarism Checker will not yet be available for short writing activities in math courses.