Main menu and navigation updates – Spring 2023

In response to feedback from educators, Imagine Edgenuity has updated several navigation features to make them easier to use. This article provides information about how features worked before compared to how they work after the change.

Jump to the following sections to review changes to the:

Changes to main menu

The following changes were made to the main menu at the top of the Imagine Edgenuity page:

Feature Before After
Main menu The main menu stretched across the page with submenu options and text describing each submenu option.
Menu links open as drop-down submenus.
Dashboard The Dashboard button was located in the commonly selected actions area.

The Dashboard tab is the first tab on the main menu.
Selected Student The Selected Student's full name showed in the header. Educators clicked the name to review student information and access options.

A new Selected Student icon is always present in the main menu. Hover over the icon to review student information and access options. You can also copy and paste the Username and ID fields.


Once selected, there is not an option to remove the Selected Student icon. To remove the icon, log out and log back in.

Help Center access Educators clicked the Support tab and selected the Help Center option.
Click your initials on the top-right of the page. A drop-down menu displays from which you can select the Help Center option.

Changes to search

The following changes were made to the search functionality:

Feature Before After
Search for students Educators clicked the Students tab to get the search bar to display. The Quick Search only searched by name and internal ID.

The search bar is always visible in the main menu.

  • You can search by name, User ID, external ID, or user name. 
  • Typing three characters into the search bar gets the Quick Search started.
    Note: If you are searching by User ID, you must input the entire ID.
  • If you have access to multiple schools, each home school name will display in the search results. Results are sorted by the current school first, then by other schools in alphabetical order.


Student search results Student Quick Search results included only the name and internal ID.
Student Quick Search Results include name, internal ID, username, and external ID, with the information matching entered criteria in green font.

The first 25 results are displayed. If there are more results, a message displays telling you to jump to the Manage Students page.

Changes to notifications

The following changes are being made to notifications about actions to take, such as email and reviews required:

Feature Before After
Email indicator When a user had new email, a yellow dot appeared above the Communication tab.
When an educator has a new email, a yellow indicator appears above the Email icon next to the educator's initials. Click the Email icon to access your inbox.
Reviews required notification

A dark blue button displayed on the Home page below the commonly selected actions area indicating the number of reviews waiting to be completed.



A Reviews Required button displays as the first button in the commonly selected actions area. The button displays the number of reviews required. If there are items to review, click to access the Reviews Required page.

Changes to navigation

The following options are being moved. Review the table below to learn the new location of each impacted option.

Option Old location New location
Manage Enrollments Courses tab Students tab
Manage Sessions Reports tab Students tab
Inbox Communication tab > Inbox Click More > Communication > Messages
Course Options Summary Courses tab Click More > Reports
Manage Announcements The Manage Announcements button displayed above the Announcements section. Click More > Communication > Manage Announcements
Support Tab The Support tab displayed Help Center and Live Chat links.

The Support tab has been removed. 

To access the Help Center, click your initials on the top-right of the page. A drop-down menu displays from which you can select the Help Center option.

To access Live Chat, click the Chat icon in the lower right of the screen.

Reports Tab The Reports tab provided links to reports.

Click More > Reports

Select School menu Administration tab

Click the school name on the top-right of the page to bring up the Select School page.